August 14, 2007

Independence Day

I sometimes get this strange feeling about how we need to pronounce the word "independence" when it is used with the word "day". Should it be pronounced as "In-dependence" or should it be pronounced as "In Dependence"?

The dictionary meaning of the word "independence" reads as "Freedom from control or influence of another or others." Every year, August 15th makes me think - "What freedom am I enjoying today? Do I have the freedom from control and influence?". Every time this thought comes, I end up with a NO answer.

Till August 15th 1947 we were ruled by the Britishers. After August 15th 1947 we have been ruled by our "own" people. The feeling has never changed.


Kavitha Jay said...

hmm..but i guess its better to be ruled by our people than someone else..wat say?
first time here..:)

Unknown said...

Well...this is a very difficult one to answer :-) Personally I feel both are equally bad. From what I see today, in India, if one speaks out against the politicians, his/her existence on the next day is doubtful...this was similar to the British rule...recall the stories of freedom...