August 14, 2007

Tomato Soup - Something different @ Svensons in Singapore

A stroll down the Orchard Road in Singapore was more than a time-pass activity to me. It was about 6:30PM on the 1st of August, when I reached my hotel - Traders Hotel Singapore. The hotel is located in a strategic location - perpendicular to the Orchard Road, and pretty close to Little India (a 15minute drive).

Me and my pal (from school days) , who visited me, took a stroll down the Orchard Road, and I enjoyed every bit of the walk. We walked through huge malls, discussing his research activities and my pursuits outside of my day work. We happened to step into this restaurant called Svensons on Orchard Road, which was a party place for all those birthday babies.

I took some cheese munchies, a tomato soup and a pasta. But this tomato soup is something that caught my attention - it was served in a pumpkin-shaped container, which was a garlic bread itself!

You must definetly try this out if you happen to visit Singapore the next time!

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