October 28, 2008

Traffic Problems in India? Here is a Solution!!!

With the whole world looking to invest in India, and with a slew of automotive biggies launching newer automobiles and two-wheelers for the Indian sub-continent, the 'road infrastructure' problem is getting more highlighted than ever. While the governments work (in tandem with private companies) to address the need for 'better and innovative' road infrastructure, here is a bunch of people from Mapunity who've developed this really useful solution - to 'monitor' the city traffic situation LIVE!

The Bangalore City traffic can be viewed at www.btis.in. This provides near-real-time (with a sub-2 minute lag). Go here to watch the live traffic status across Bangalore City.
Go here to watch the view across cameras at different junctions in Bangalore City.

Now wait! This is not just for Bangalore!! It's being done for Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Delhi as well!! I talked about Bangalore because of two reasons 1) The solution is in a mature stage for Bangalore 2) Bangalore has the worst traffic (and roads) amongst these cities...and Bangaloreans will thank Mapunity folks a zillion times for having given this solution.

Chennai Traffic solution will be hosted here.
Hyderabad Traffic solution will be hosted here.
Pune Traffic solution will be hosted here.
Delhi Traffic solution will be hosted here.

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