October 17, 2008

Looking at the Brighter Side - Patience and Perseverence is the Key

Its been a very challenging period for me since August 21st this year. That was the fateful day (the details of the run, taken from my Garmin is on the right side) when I badly injured by left knee due to running with overconfidence. After a few physiotherapy sittings, I was asked to try out running a short 3 kilometer distance. But it was only then did I realize that the injury was pretty severe as I could hardly run after about 3 kilometers. This is when my confidence started to shatter.

I had never experienced a feeling like this before. With my Singapore Marathon training schedule completely shattered (I have a new schedule now!), my confidence level started to slowly reduce (though I comforted myself with optimistic thoughts). There was a point when I was limping around, without being able to climb stairs nor sit with my knees bent in an acute angle. Even then, there was this ray of hope that was always telling me that the colorful side is yet to come.

It has actually been two days now, and I've started to properly run. When I say 'properly', I'm referring to a run that has not resulted in any pain on my left knee. This morning's run (details from my Garmin is on the left side picture) was the best after a very very long time. I was able to do a 6 kilometer run at a pace of 10:47! I feel like a free bird! The joy and happiness with which I finished today's run is something that's really unexplainable.

Though I've motivated a lot of people and kept many inspired, this was the first personal experience in the recent past which has made me motivate myself and keep myself inspired. Should you find something challenging, don't give up! Stay put on and you will see the challenges slowly dissolving into happiness and joy. Always look at the brighter side!


Boston said...

I know how painful injuries can be, especially since they prevent you from running! Keep training and get well Karthik. All the best for Singapore! - vignesh

Unknown said...

Thanks bud!