July 19, 2007

SOA Facts - One of the most hilarious websites!

This has been one of the most hilarious websites I've seen so far. For those who are still looking at the roof and scratching your head, wondering what this three letter thing is - SOA refers to Service Oriented Architecture.

"SOA is an IT architectural style that supports service orientation" - thats how the official definition of SOA goes. For those people who have just entered the IT industry, its something that is in the lines of the well known OOP (Object Oriented Programming) concept.

In my opinion, SOA has been one of the most abused words in the "IT English jargon". Here is what I mean...
  • Job sites read "SOA Architect wanted!", but they recruit a person who has done work on EAI and has read SOA for Dummies
  • Customer requirements read "SOA based architecture for middleware", but end up creating yet another J2EE MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture with some web-services
  • Business deals conclude as "SOA Win!", when a set of Application Server licenses are sold
Here is a website that I got to bump into, which has listed some hilarious one-liners about SOA. Its called "SOA Facts" and the link is "www.soafacts.com". Hats-off to the authors who have taken time to list these down. Here are a couple of sample one-liners from www.soafacts.com
"Software architects don't use SOA. SOA uses software architects
"Implementing SOA for the first time is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.

A good read during breaks. Share it with your SOA comrades.

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