July 16, 2007

A land where two and four+ wheelers exist in peace!

China is the country that competes closely with India in more than a way. Two-wheelers like cycles and bikes are one of them. China has as many (or greater) two-wheeler traffic on the road as India has. But the road-safety ensured for these two-wheelers is far greater than what is ensured in India.

The roads in Shanghai has typically four lanes. The two of the outer lanes are the ones used by the two-wheelers. These outer lanes are separated from the ones in the middle by a solid metal railing that runs continuously along the length of the road.

An interesting thing can be observed at the junctions where roads meet - the two-wheelers cross over to the other side using the pedestrian crossing (zebra crossing). Parking spaces are available for cycles along the sides of the road, where a nominal charge is levied on an hourly basis.

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