December 29, 2009

New Year Resolutions and me

I guess it's time to make some resolutions for the year 2010. Should I really do this? what I asked myself. Quiet contradictory to my belief, the answer of was -

People give their 100% when they put their skin in the game. Commit to the world on what you plan to do. That's like putting your skin (ego) in the game, and you would strive hard to keep up your commitments. You would never want to lose to your ego....would you?

Sometimes I've wondered "Isn't it good enough if I'm truthful to my conscience?" But only later did I always realize that the conscience' guilt can always be convinced. I can always tell my conscience "Ah Ah...I did not do it and I understand it is not right. I will do it tomorrow" and he will get pretty complacent.
It's sometimes good to catch the tiger by its tail - It Makes You Run!

And now, let me come back to My New Year Resolutions. Here is how they go - Really short list to begin with -
  1. Run at least 35kms a week
  2. Realize my Biggest dream
  3. Quit the rat race. Join the real race
  4. Cross-train with the 18 gear cycle I bought two years back
  5. Get back into regular blogging - I've almost missed this for a good year now.
Wow...I've got 5 points on my New Year Resolution list! I know two of them are a little unclear - I assure you clarity very soon!

Stay Tuned, and wish you all a Happy New Year!


Unknown said...


First one is simple for you. You should increase mileage to 50 kms per week

Unknown said...

Sure, Hari. I'm revising this to 50 :-)

Ravi said...

All the best for your 5 point plan.

Btw, may we readers know what is your 'Biggest dream' ?