November 03, 2008

Getting Back to Fitness..

Having had my share of injuries due to running, I finally decided to seek the expert's help. That reminded me of Dr.Rajat, a doctor who runs! Though I've heard a lot about Rajat, little did I know that he was practicing in Bangalore until Shahid told me. I got his clinic number from Shumit and managed to get an appointment for 1st Nov.

So, I made a lightening trip to Bangalore to meet Rajat at this new clinic Back to Fitness which is located in Total Mall on Sarjapur Road in Bangalore. The clinic looked really impressive with a whole lot of equipments for exercising and diagnosing sports-related injuries. I had an appointment with Rajat at 12noon, and I spent about 30minutes at this clinic.

And, his observations were - I was pronating my feet inside while running and also the injury was not a lateral-collateral ligament strain, but an Iliotibial band problem (popularly known as the IT-Band problem). He taught me a couple of stretches that would help in reducing this pain (and the problem). Unlike the lateral-collateral ligament strain (which can only be cured with rest and applying a lot of ice packs), the IT-band problem can be treated with appropriate stretches. I also seem to have really tight calf muscles, which could also be a potential reason for this pain.

I did a wonderful 12K run yesterday in the hot Chennai sun (from 9:15AM to 11AM), and finished strong (without a drop of water to I forgot to take my fuel belt!). Rajat's words and yesterday's run have given me a lot of hope and confidence that would be a driving force for the rest of my Singapore marathon training.


Ravi said... seem to be back on track! A 12K run in hot sun in mid-morning is pretty impressive. All the best for your training towards S'Pore marathon.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Ravi. Its because of well wishers like you that I'm able to push my limits.