September 09, 2008

What My Mentor Taught Me

Kim Nash has written very well on this topic at Based on my personal experience with my two mentors, I'd like to add two more points to this list -
  1. Be bold in letting the world know what you think: "One of my mentors taught me that if you think something is right, and have the right reasoning behind it, you should let the world know. Critisisms are always bound to be there. But always use your experience and judgement to take the decision you feel is right". I've realized that people love to work with leaders who are bold enough to voice their thoughts, than with leaders who take things as they come by.
  2. Select the right set of people and give them smaller chunks of the larger work you are assigned with: "Another mentor of mine gave this piece of advise to me. I used to do everything myself...however big the work was. This piece of advise impacted me in a very big way. Its taught me how to select the right people to assign work. Its taught me to trust people and has hence given me the time to focus on larger challenges.

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