September 11, 2008

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Google Chrome (the Lean Browser!)

Google's latest power-packed offering Chrome, has taken a tangible percentage (2%) of the user market right on day two. With still a quarter to go in 2008, the Industry Standard predicts Google Chrome to reach 5% market share by end of this year.

So, if you are still contemplating over using Google Chrome, here are the Top 10 compelling reasons for which you should consider this Lean Browser*-
  1. It's really fast to download this browser from Google's website (can be done effortlessly even from a dial-up connection!)
  2. You get to View More of what You Want - Google Chrome has pruned out the unnecessary constituents of a typical browser (that Microsoft defined with its IE)
  3. Google Chrome consumes lesser system's really less! (based on my testing on Windows XP)
  4. Search and Address bar is no more two different things - Google Chrome has just a single place which lets the user to search (with suggestions) and type a website URL. This saves a lot of time! Just imagine (in a typical browser) the time taken in opening a new browser window, getting the search engine (of course its Google!) to load, and typing the search phrase...Phew!
  5. Saves your energy and unnecessary mouse movement - Even creating bookmarks is simpler...just at the click of a button!
  6. Lets you convert a new browser tab to a new browser window - You just need to click on the browser tab and pull it away from the browser! (helps in doing a lot of housekeeping with unnecessary tabs open)
  7. You no more will see a download window coming in between you and the browser (it's so annoying to see this download status window in IE or Firefox!) - When you download something, it gets displayed in the bottom of the pleasant it is!
  8. All tabs get displayed as separate resources in the Windows Task Manager - You can now force end a process that just takes off one tab in your Google Chrome browser!
  9. Using a shared computer? Don't want to let others know what you are browsing after you are done? - Google Chrome offer a privacy mode, aka incognito mode. It prevents the pages you browsed from appearing in the web history!
  10. Did you always want to use a browser that feels light to both the system and your eyes? - Google Chrome is for You!
Oh yes, we should always remember that Chrome is just a few days old! There are sure to be some hitches in it, and I'm sure Google is already working on them. Remember, Google has mastered the art of Perpetual Beta. This very fact drives the assurance down the users' minds that they always keep innovating....and, Innovation is not a Destination..but a Continuous Process.

*Lean Browser - Google has successfully adopted the lean approach in removing unnecessary (or) non-value adding artifacts (Kaizen) in its Chrome.


Anonymous said...

This is all fine. What really matters is, how does it feel when you try using it?

The answer is, it feels wonderful. Significantly faster than IE 7. Feels like you have more screen real estate to play with. Overall, Chrome rocks.

Unknown said...

Oh sure. Here is some more cud to chew..

Balu said...

ya, but for some privacy issues chrome still has a long way to go.. Google slowly is becoming an irreplaceable entity in our software lives :-)