March 28, 2008

Rocky . Pasta . Running

That might sound very intriguing. Who is Rocky and what does Rocky have to do with Pasta and Running? That reminds me that there is something really common that the three share...Rocky the "Italian" Stallion, Pasta the "Italian" food and running!....well..the "Italian" marathons in Turin (April) and Pisa (May).

Let me first put things right...Rocky was the movie I saw last Saturday, Pasta was the dinner I had last Sunday and Running was what I did the next morning (6th ECR Run with the Chennai Runners). Argh! What am I trying to say? Read on...

I've always been wanting to do a run with a good mind frame. And, last week has turned out to be the most satisfying of all. I've been a fan of Sylvestor Stallone all my life, and have always enjoyed watching his action movies. On Saturday, the 22nd March, HBO showcased four (of five) parts of Rocky, the famous 'cult' movie of the 1980's. The whole day was devoted to Sylvestor Stallone, with the four parts of Rocky followed by Night Hawks and Cliff Hanger.

So whats great about that? Well, the more interesting observation is yet to follow...

The character of Rocky Balboa has been a great inspiration for me for a very long time. The grit with which he trains for his bouts and championships, overcoming all challenges in personal life is something one should learn from. The theme of Rocky ("Gonna Fly Now") originally created by Bill Conti is the best ever music I've heard that totally brings to life, the emotions in a passionate and determined sportsman.

Having heard this music for close to 12 hours (almost) continuously that day, I started to breathe the Rocky way. That night (Saturday night) I hit the bed (forcefully! forgo watching Night Hawks and Cliff Hanger) by about 2300Hrs. I had to get up at 0245Hrs the following day to get ready for my 18 mile run. I had my pasta dinner at about 2000Hrs and my mind was totally prepared, and I was bubbling with energy. I could have run all night!

My run turned out to be one of the best ones I've had ever so far. It started to drizzle when I started the run at 0530Hrs, and it kept varying between a drizzle and a constant rain till about 0800Hrs. My shoes were heavy soaked in water and I had to eventually run a bit slower. But nevertheless, my bodymind was completely determined to finish the run and surprisingly, I never felt the tiredness.

This is yet another example of what tiredness is all about. Its the tiredness is in the mind that paves the road to failure rather than the physical body tiredness.
The mind is all-powerful, and its the supreme controller that takes charge of the human. Just spend some little time for yourself to take back control of yourself. The power of creativity, innovation and winning is all inside just need to discover it the right way!
- Yours truely

Like how Nike's mantra goes - "Just do it!"

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