March 29, 2008

A Good Mentor - The Stairway to Success

The minute we are born we learn so much from our parents - to smile, to talk, to walk, to express ourselves. They were they ones who've helped us shape from a mere creature that was given something called as life to the person we are today. They are our first trusted counselors or teachers. Over a period in time, we start to gain all necessary qualities and skills to take care of ourselves and lead the way independently.

To be successful in life, its really important to do two things - learn the best practices and follow them. So how does one get to learn the best practices? Do those "Life's Best Practices for Dummies" kind of books help? Well, this is where the mentor steps in. A mentor is one who comes with a lot more experience and knowledge to don the role of a teacher or a trusted friend. The word mentor takes root from the Greek mythology.

Mentors are those who've walked the way, been there, done that. In the course of their travel, they amass so many learnings from successes and failures and build the journal of best practices. Successful mentors are those who can efficiently help their mentees by being able to observe them and clearly communicate to them in the same wavelength. Successful mentors can understand and foresee their mentees' actions and appropriately give them the right advice.

In career and in personal life, a mentor can create a noticeable difference - A Positive Change! One need not necessarily have a single mentor. There can be many mentors in one's life - someone who can help you excel in your personal life, someone who can help you identify the right steps towards a successful career growth, someone to help you with your finances and so on.

An ideal mentor is someone who you would like to be like. A good mentor is someone who is trustworthy. Finding a mentor is the first step one needs to take to walk the path to ultimate success. So, when are you going to find a mentor for yourself?

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