March 01, 2014

Education in India

India is a country that is touted to become the youngest country in the world with over 64 percent of its population in the working age group. India apparently churns over 1.5 million engineers every year. There are over a million elementary schools, 700 degree granting institutions, 35500+ affiliated colleges, 20 million student enrollment into the fields of Art (37%), Science (19%), Commerce & Management (18%) and Engineering & Technology (16%).

The numbers are overwhelming - number of institutions, students, teachers and the quality of these three variables. The quality of education rendered across the board from elementary education to higher education is also an equally important aspect that needs special attention.

While its indeed heartening to see many educationists building institutions that impart education, its a matter of concern that the quality of education has taken the back seat. With the Indian government introducing the quota system in education based on various parameters, the quality has taken a severe beating.

While the number of students is on the rise, its a disheartening to see the dwindling number of teachers to impart quality education. There are various factors leading to the lack of quality teachers - salary, encouragement, respect are some of the reasons I see affecting the supply of teachers for quality education. While every student is taught to respect teachers, they aren't encouraged to become one because the profession doesn't fetch them the money and status (and more) that the fields of medicine, engineering, etc would offer.

The field of Information & Technology (IT) has axed many other professions in the country ever since it made its way into the country in the 1980s. Professions like teaching, medicine and law were once the most coveted professions in India. IT took a sizable portion of that pie for a long time. We've seen the field of Arts and Economics slowly gain traction in the country since a few years now. There is so much IT can do to resurrect the field of education, particularly the Teaching profession.

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