March 05, 2011

Blogging – A History?

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The internet has continued to evolve at an extremely fast pace from the day it was born to date. The notion of collaboration was given a different meaning the day internet was born. Collaboration has, since then, been re-defined with the advancement of technologies in the web space, and we have increasingly started to live in a time-warp.

Before the internet era, the printed media was a dominating medium for sharing of news and related buzz. With the advent of internet and web-media, news and the associated buzz started to change and got better. But again, this didn’t give readers a way to participate in the process – there again came a need to have a collaborative medium to share news and exchange views. A web diary, more often known as a web log, was one of the first forms of blog that came to be used.

With the arrival of Web2.0, the whole notion of blogging took a new turn, and today the internet is a proof to the magnitude of impact blogs have had on the growth of online collaborative content. But if you have consciously noticed the internet trend since the last 3 to 4 years, there has been a change; a change that has considerably reduced the number of blog posts.

What has happened to the bloggers? Where are they? Has blogging died? Or, have bloggers disappeared? No, not at all! Bloggers are very much alive and so are their blogs. It’s just the Twitter-effect that has taken these bloggers into a whole new world of micro-blogging. So, what’s this new Twitter and how has this been different from a Blog?

Well, technology apart, they are the same – the time windows in which they help people collaborate only differs! While a blogger would wait for his / her readers to read articles and comment, a tweeter would send his mini-blogs to his followers’ and solicit instant feedback and participation. Because of this, there has been a dramatic increase in the frequency at which people participate and hence the buzz. Interesting? Read more…

If you’ve noticed, collaboration has been the key aspect of all these technologies, and the evolution of collaboration from internet chat rooms, to internet forums to, web logs, to blogs to tweets has purely been from a timescale perspective. So, does that mean, blogs are dead? If so, what will happen to the zillions of bytes of data that bloggers have created?

No, Blogs Are Not Dead! Twitter has not killed the blogosphere. Twitter was the new medium that helped bloggers create the buzz and connect to people. While twitter allows bloggers to share ideas and thoughts in chunks of 140 characters, blogs will continue to offer them the space to open their thoughts and ideas without any limitations. Blogs and Tweets go perfectly hand in hand, and I’m sure bloggers will agree with me here.

When are you blogging next?

Keep Blogging! Keep Tweeting! Keep Buzzing and Stay Inspired!

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