August 30, 2010

5 Things You Will Like To Try

Finally, I have decided to re-start my blogging! Like I did mention in my New Year Resolutions post in December 2009, this has been one thing I’ve wanted to get going regularly, but has always been limping. To begin with, I thought of telling you what I’ve been up to these days. Hmm…no..I’m not going to tell you about a magic potion concoction I’ve been working on….but on some things that I’ve discovered, seen, done and enjoyed. Here are five of them -
  1. – I’ve enjoyed this website the most. Bought more than about 5 books so far, and I’ve enjoyed the experience of buying a book the most with Flipkart. Here is what I’ve observed about their service – Neat packing, Prompt delivery, Zero Disappointments (they have almost every title!) and of course Nice Discounts! Kudos to the folks behind Flipkart – Keep up the good work!
  2. Nintendo Wii – I’ve been lucky enough to get this as a “gift” from my wife :-D. But trust me, Wii can skin you! It offers a perfect combination of relaxation and exercise. I’ve played boxing, golf, tennis, bowling, car racing, base ball – all inside my home! I strongly recommend a Nintendo Wii to a treadmill!
  3. Samsung Wave – This has been the best thing that happened to be in the recent past. I finally managed to do away with my Nokia E90 (something I’ve been really attached to for a long time) after 3 years. What I liked most about Samsung Wave is that it has all the features that an iPhone has, but better than an iPhone as it has a removable battery. If you are a Nokia user, you would have guessed why – yes, even if the phone hangs, you can still unplug and plug the battery back :-) . That apart, I’ve loved the ease of use of this cool thing from Samsung. There are a few glitches, but I can live with it at least for now.
  4. Mute Swan – Oh yes, I’m sure you are stupefied with the name. It’s my wife’s blog, and the name is quiet contrary to the content you will find there. The author, as she mentions in the About me section of the blog, writes about her interests, activities and observations. I really like reading this blog, and I’m glad she started to write.
  5. – This is an experimental project that Vijetha and I started a few months ago. With Vijetha’s interest in designing, her background in media and communications, and my interest in creating a collaborative branding platform, we started this. To know more, go here. Should your interests be in line (or similar) to what we have, do write to me and we can talk.
There are a lot more to this list, and I’ll definitely talk about them in my following posts. I plan to write about gadgets in my blog – any suggestions on what aspect of a gadget I should try and focus on? Do write to me!
Till I get back, have fun and Stay Inspired!

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